Good News: God is crazy

It turns out, God is crazy.

Now, you may think that sounds sacrilegious, but I’m convinced that God doesn’t mind…it’s all part of God being crazy.

Whether you’re a fan of God or not, most of us have some picture that we’ve been given of a strict old man in the sky. Long beard. Weathered eyes. A scowl on his face because he knows what you did…

But it turns out that the truth about God is much different than what we might have been told.

The strangest thing about this though, isn’t that it’s true…it’s that the image we have of God in our heads actually makes sense. We have this idea that God is a god of law and order, of justice and judgment. He punishes the evil and rewards the righteous. It is sensible as much as it is stressful. We hear stories of a god who condemns certain actions or lifestyles or decisions or desires. When you’re in the right side of that god, everything flows as it should and that god makes sense to us. But when you’re not on his good side, when you can’t measure up, when the rules don’t seem to fall in your favor….well, that is a god we can’t believe in, even if we can admit that it makes some sense.

But that god is a myth.

The sensible, judgmental, punish-evil-reward-righteousness god doesn’t exist.

And all you have to do to see that is to look at Jesus.

If we can stop for just one minute and actually look at the life and words of Jesus, we have to admit that he doesn’t seem to believe in that God either. Jesus spent most of his recorded life bringing judgment to the righteous, religious people and showing grace and mercy and empowerment to the “sinners” and social-throwaways.

The message of Jesus is that God is so crazy that he is a God for the least, the lost, the broken, and the losers. Why? Because it is only the losers who will ever admit their need for someone like God in the first place.

We’ve been handed a version of God that just isn’t real: the sensible god of our imaginations who is constantly watching us through a microscope, waiting for us to make a misstep so that he can throw misfortune our way. But the God we see in Jesus is crazy. In fact, often just to show off his craziness, in response to our dark-hearts this crazy god shows us grace. Rather than stomping on us as just punishment, he gives gifts that we don’t deserve. He calls it grace.

Winners don’t beg for help, and they never will.

Jesus loves to showcase how God loves the losers. He loves stories of faithful fathers throwing parties for their wayward children. He loves stories of nets that draw in everything the world has to offer, without discernment. He loves to lift up those whom polite society has disposed of or cancelled. He loves to take the traitors and treat them as honored guests at his table. In a word, God -the one that Jesus preached- is crazy.

I know this to be true because I am a loser. When I search the darkest corners of my heart, the untold secrets of my worst moments, and the unspeakable desires of my greatest moments of anger or fear…I know I have no place in the winner’s circle. Thank God.

Because that’s not where God is found…not the god that Jesus shows us anyway. He’s crazy enough to be found on the bad side of town, hanging out with the riffraff who have no hope of their own.

According to Jesus, God is crazy. And that’s Good News for anyone who is ready to admit they couldn’t live up to a sensible God anyway.



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Ryan Mayfield

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