Faith VS Apathy: A Jesus Story

Every Sunday, our family reads through and discusses a bible story together. After our discussion, Reymond’s job is to then go and build the story out of Legos (technically I believe the plural of Lego is still just Lego, but that seemed awfully pretentious).

This week, we read a story about Jesus and his followers taking a boat out onto the lake. Their boat was suddenly caught in a huge storm and the passengers were terrified, certain they were going to die…that is, all of them except Jesus. He was fast asleep, not even noticing the storm.

When his frightened followers anxiously awoke him, they asked, “Don’t you care that we are going to die!?” But Jesus calmly rose and commanded the storm to stop, and it immediately obeyed.

This got me thinking: often the world mistakes faith for apathy.

Jesus’ followers thought that he didn’t care. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. He wasn’t calm because he didn’t care…he was calm because he had immense faith that God was in control.

I thought that was worth sharing and hope that it will serve as an encouragement to those whose faith keeps them from running frantically, trying to save the world around them. Even if others see your faith as apathy, hold fast. You’re in good Company.



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